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Warranty & Guarantee Information

ýMoney Back Guarantee?

ýWhats Covered Under Warranty?

ýCan I Exchange or Refund Clothing?

ýDo You Provide A GST Invoice?

Payment Information

ý What Payment Options Are Available?

ý Do You Do Layby?

ý Do You Do Offer Finance?

Shipping Information

ý Can I Combine Shipping?

ý What Courier's Do We Use?

ý How Long Will Delivery Take?

Returns Policy

ý What Are the Conditions of The Money Back Guarantee?

ý What Happens If My Item Is Faulty?

ý Pricing Errors, Description Mistakes and Out of Stock Items


Warranty & Guarantee Information

Money Back Guarantee?

We chose our products carefully and are confident in the quality and value of all the products we sell. Our motto, "If you're not happy, we're not happy," reflects this.

Therefore, we offer a money back guarantee on most of the products we sell. If there is a "money back guarantee" advertised in the listing then you know it has one, if you are not sure just ask, most of our products do have a money back guarantee.

A money back guaranty means that if you're not happy with your items and we can't solve the issue for you, you may return your order for a refund of the purchase price (shipping and handling are non-refundable.)

Your guarantee starts on receipt of the item(s) and you may return your item within the next 14 days for a full refund, providing you return it in 'as sold' condition. This means the item is unused and all packaging and accessories are not damaged or missing.

If we believe we have a product that suits your requirements better, we may suggest swapping your item for it. This is your choice however, and you can still choose to have your money back instead.

For more information on how to return your product please read our Returns Policy below.

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What's covered by a Warranty?

All warranty issues are handled by Complete Outdoors Ltd or the appropriate New Zealand agent or supplier.

Complete Outdoors Ltd warrants the product(s) to be free of defects in material and workmanship from the purchase date for the period stated. All our warranties are usually replacement or repair of the product. If the item is unable to be repaired or replaced, then another model of similar or better specifications may be substituted. In the unfortunate event repair or replacement is not available, we will issue you with a full refund of the purchase price (shipping and handling are non-refundable).

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Can I Exchange or Refund Clothing?

We are happy to exchange or refund unused garments if they do not fit correctly. We understand that it can be tricky purchasing clothing off the internet without being able to try it on first, so we are happy to take back garments that aren't quite right. However we do reserve the right to refuse refund or exchange if the garments have been used. This means that they have been worn longer than for the initial try on to check if they fit. Garments must be returned undamaged and unsoiled with original tags still attached.

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Do you provide a GST invoice?

Yes! Included in most orders we send is a GST invoice, which also doubles as an address label. When you receive your package, there will be a clear slip on the outside with your address on it. This is your invoice. :) Please keep it safe as it contains all our details and is proof of purchase.

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Payment Information

What payment options are available?

We accept multiple forms of payment for most auctions, unless stated otherwise.

Direct Bank Deposit

Direct bank deposits through any ASB Bank branch will appear immediately in our account letting us ship your order that day, provided it's deposited before 11am. If you don't have an ASB Bank branch in your town, you can visit your regular bank and ask them to do a transfer from your account into ours. This is not instant, however, and will most likely go in overnight.

Please note: Remember to ask the teller to add your name as the reference for the deposit, as this is the only way to tell what payment is for what order! If you forget your auction number, please use any other identifying details such as your name or email address as the reference instead.

Internet/Phone Bank Transfer

Bank transfers via Internet or phone are usually the easiest way to deposit funds into our account. Transfers usually go in overnight, (it occasionally takes 2 days depending on the bank) providing you set them up before 8pm that day. If you are an ASB Bank customer, the transfer will be instant. Please contact your bank for more information about these services.

Please note: Transfers set up on a weekend or public holiday will be processed on the next business day, which means the payment will usually show on the second next business day. For example, transfers setup over the weekend will be processed Monday night and will show in our account on the following Tuesday.

Credit Card

Payment by Credit Card is offered on all items, and is both quick and easy through our online payment system.


We accept cash as payment for pickups only. Please do not send cash in the mail

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Do You Do Layby?

All items are available on layby, however if you are unsure please ask us for more details.

Below are our layby terms:

We request the purchase to be complete within an 8 week time period from the date the auction ends. The first deposit as mentioned in the auction or 10% of the final price (including accessories if purchased) is to be made within 5 working days from the auction end. The remaining balance can be split into payments of your choosing over a period of up to 8 weeks.

After the initial deposit, if the layby is unable to be completed or the item is returned for a refund, the deposit and any other payments will be transferred back to you minus a $20 administration fee and success fees charged to us by unless these can be recovered from Trade Me. (Fees can usually be recovered if requested within 28 days of the auction ending. After this time the fees are generally non-recoverable so will be deducted from the refund.)

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Do You of Finance Or Hire Purchase?

We do offer hire purchase on all items $499.99 and over including package deals.

For more information and terms & conditions please 
click here to visit our finance page.

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Shipping Information

Combined Shipping

We can combine orders to save on shipping costs. Please email us if you are unsure of the cost.

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What Couiers Do We Use?

We use Fastway Couiers in conjugation with Castle Parcels

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How long will delivery take?

Usually, for bank payments received before 11am, we send the order out that day. If you pay by credit card before 2pm we will endeavor to send your parcel out that day also. Please let us know if you require your parcel urgently as overnight delivery is available but the time it arrives is not guaranteed.

Our couriers are 2 day services to all main centres in the South Island. For rural deliveries, please allow an extra two or three days above the normal delivery time.

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Returns Policy

What Are The Conditions of The Money Back Guarantee?

Our aim at The Complete Angler is to have a happy customer. Because of this we include a money back guarantee on all of our products. We understand that it can be difficult at times to buy an item off the internet if you havent seen it first. Therefore we provide you with our money back guarantee so that if you arent happy with the product you receive, you can send it back. Below is our policy regarding the money back guarantee?

1) Prior to returning any item for any reason you must email us to obtain a Return Authorisation Form which must be included with the item being returned. This enables us to process your return quickly and efficantly

2) Goods must be returned in original condition with original packaging.

3) Complete Angler Ltd reserves the right to charge for any damaged goods

4) Complete Angler Ltd does not refund on freight costs

5) Return of the product is the customers responsibility

6) Tents must be returned unsoiled and undamaged in original packaging with all unsoiled and undamaged parts included

7) All applications for a return must be completed within 7 days of the sale date. (except for warranty returns)

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What Happens If My item Is Faulty?

The Complete Angler complies with all appropriate legislation and stands by all its requirements. If a product is faulty we will endeavor to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

1) Faulty product will be returned back to us at the customers cost with a completed Return Authorisation Form (You can get one of these by emailing us). This helps us to identify what is wrong and process your return more efficiently.

2) The Complete Angler Ltd reserves the right to repair or replace the goods within a reasonable length of time. In the event that your product cannot be repaired or replaced we will offer a refund of the purchase price, excluding freight. Every effort will be made to comply with your requests where possible.

3) The Complete Angler Ltd reserves the right to inspect all claims of faulty product. If the product is found to be in correct working order, the customer will be contacted with our decision.

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Pricing Errors, Description Mistakes & Out of Stocks

Complete Angler makes every effort to provide accurate information and prices on all products advertised. There may be the odd occasion when there is a mistake in a description or the price has been listed incorrectly. If this is the case then we will do what we can to rectify these problems with the customer and fix these listings straight away. These are the steps we will take:

1) Description Mistakes - These will be corrected on our websites as soon as we are notified. If the mistake means that the product is no longer suitable for the purchaser then we will look for a suitable alternative or offer a refund and make arrangements to get the product back to us.

2) Pricing Errors - If we have made a genuine mistake and listed a product at an  incorrect price that is below our cost, we will inform the customer immediately.  It is our intention to look after our customer in this situation although it may not be possible to sell it to them at this price. In this circumstance we will offer the customer a heavily discounted price from the correct price or offer an alternative product. The customer also has the option to back out of the sale. This is in accordance with the Fair Trading Act.

Complete Angler endeavours to have available stock on hand for every website item advertised. There may be times however when our stock system is incorrect, or that we have sold an item in store a short time before an item is purchased online. Generally stock can be ordered and available to us within a week. If a product sold is out of stock these are the procedures we take:

1) We will contact the customer as soon as we realise the item is out of stock. If the customer has time constraints we will do everything possible to get the item to the customer on time or offer an alternative product.

2) In the instance that our supplier is also out of stock, we will offer an alternative or upgraded product to the customer.

We request that if a pick up is required, that the customer arrange a time with us to pick up so that we can ensure that the product is ready for pick up.

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